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Avatar for GoingGalactic

I've been focusing on one new strain each month, and today I picked this up. I'm fairly new to the plant (about a year) and I've intentionally sought after the balloon-headed, buzzy high THC strains because for me, they were the most interesting over all. That being said, it would make sense why I've been avoiding high CBD strains. A few major life events in the last couple weeks have really been distracting me and I've experienced a number of anxious episodes where I couldn't ground myself enough to focus on one thing/thought... the store helped recommend this for anxiety and right now, I'm coasting easy... Just vaped this and the very first thing I noticed was the flavor. WOW! I was waiting for the inevitable cough attach, and... AND... nothing. It was so smooth! Flavor on the inhale was immediately recognizable -Gas/Small Engine Exhaust-like. But in a surprisingly, weirdly enjoyable way. The exhale was equally as easily recognizable... Bar soap. But, again in a surprisingly, weirdly enjoyable way... My head is definitely not in the clouds. But I wouldn't fail to recognize that im high either. Very minimal heavyness, no dry mouth (but im also sipping on a Ginger Ale :-/) Slight headache from wearing a ball cap all day prior to vaping, no noticeable pain at the moment. Overall I feel coherent enough to right this long ass review... which is sort of impressing me. But, maybe that's because I'm more high than I thought...? I'd recommend and buy again!

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