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Avatar for ZeroTrousers

Received 5 grams from Tweed as a Medical order. This strain comes out of the jar in loose almost fluffy buds mid-green with some sugar leaves showing a dark almost purple-blue-green colour. The buds are trimmed okay, but not great (too many sugar leaves) The "5 gram" jar weighed in at 4.93 grams, which is within measurement standards for Canadian Licensed Producers. The flowers themselves break apart well and are moderately well covered in trichromes, not "Frosty" but the coverage is there. The odor upon opening the jar is notes of wood, earth and slight fruity sweetness reminiscent of dried plum, there is a definite musty character to the odor as well. The first draws of vapor give a woody/spicy flavor with some mustiness and backnotes of fruit sweetness, the later draws fade into a not-unpleasant biscuit/popcorn flavor. The immediate effects were clear-headed relaxation with a mild body stone and bled into an overall feeling of well-being. Definitely gives moderate dry mouth and very slightly dry eyes. This strain definitely helped relieve pain, cramping and anxiety; but was not as thorough as other, stronger strains. I would suggest this strain as a very good option for newer users who need to remain functional and alert as the effects are mild and the negatives moderate.