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Bubba Kush review

Avatar for RazeSkynet

First time I smoked Bubba Kush, it was stress relieving.. kind of subtle. second time I underestimated it, smoked too much and felt couchlocked with a mild 3/10 anxiety for about 10 minutes, I ate soup crackers while my brains mocked me and my head felt smushed in a zone yet super focused... this strain can seriously wack you out while at the same time enhancing your focus to a pinpoint... probably good for sex and videogames... super focused with some visual distortion/perceived fisheye effect... paranoid people may feel slightly poisoned... however I am happy to say BPM stayed rather lower, no racing heart but blood pressure change is delayed when standing causing dizziness with postponed carotid artery pressure which mimics a headache for about 10 seconds. Not a weed to play sports with in my opinion. 3rd time smoked, subtle again with mild euphoria and extra tactile sensation and noticible emotion shift while petting my dog.. bond enhancing again this seems like it would be good to smoke with a girl you are close to.. also stretching is good. feels healthy, tastes smooth and soft, almost sweet, tinge metallic, light like hookah with surprising amount of exhaled smoke after 4-7 second toke. (easy to accidently smoke more than intended) light on the lungs, no tickle lady friend remarked that second hand smoke was very nice and earthy... I would say forest dirt, pine, mossy, early morning leaf smells... smoke is VERY white but leaves a driftwood caramel aftertaste... I probably would have named this strain driftwood because it has that solemn, earthy vibe and mellow attributes. Sciatica (piriformis syndrome AKA ass pain) 5/10 4th smoke now... it has an isolation effect in that I am not thinking about very much outside this room, whereas most reefers make me think about the "big picture" and the "state of things" worldwide, globally conscious... this weed has a quieting effect... intercranial pressure with a bobblehead feel, this stuff really does start in the head and work it's way down the body 4 minutes in.. high thought to be fully realized in 3-5 minutes surprisingly still getting higher 7-8 minutes in.. Needs more research. lol :) Sciatica pain is a 1 now btw Good for: pain stress heightened sensation of touch focus... very excellent for focus 10 minutes into 4th smoke, moderate amount, realization: perfect for focusing/"getting into" something ie writing, organizing, working (I can imagine feeling like a machine at work on this)