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Avatar for AceThirtyThree

Even though 90% of cannabis I purchase is through dispensaries, I still maintain my black-market connections. In SoCal there are strains that are amazing that don’t make it to dispensaries, people have been growing them their way for decades, why change now. I acquired this strain from a very talented grower called Windex. I never heard of it, didn’t ask questions about the name. I actually smoked a joint right away at his pad. The high was fast, very cerebral and uplifting. I smoke all day everyday, this stuff got me high at it was far from my first joint of the day. It lasted for 45 minuites I’d say before I smoked another one. We watched “Up In Smoke” for old times sake, and was just a classic LA stoner day. I was blown away and each time I rolled another I got just as high. It is the day after and I have smoked over a quarter in less than 24 hours. I wanted to write a bit about the strain because there really isn’t a lot of knowledge out there for this strain or it’s name variants. I saw a forum where this guy was describing his flower and every said it was junk, someone sprayed it with Windex, and people were just ripping this poor dude up. We let me explain this taste/smell unique to this strain in a way more understandable. First I do know that ammonia is a bad thing and can be caused from poor curing and storage. This results from mold that grows. But use a reputable source and it shouldn’t be an issue. People assume by cat piss and Windex that this strain smells like a chemical. It really doesn’t smell like a liter box, it is not overwhelming or in the least bit repulsive. For me, it kind of has a hint of how a room smells when you clean the mirrors with Windex, but sweet. I catch it a little in the raw flower, but mostly as I exhale smoke thru my nose. Also has a heavy pine, spice to it as well. The high from this strain is worth looking into. It is a heavy high that re-ups incredible. Very nice combo feel of sativa/indica and if you smoke a lot it can induce more of the indica effects. If you are a fan of hazes you will definitely love this strain. It is like the best SSH with some OG Kush behind it, best way I can describe it. I know what it is like to get munchies, but this strain causes the MUNCHIES!!! a mad man.