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Avatar for Anonymous

Beware if you are a newbie!!!! I'm a newbie, smoked everyday back in the 70's, but havn't since 78 or so. This weed gave me an extremely euphoric, laugh my ass of high, but at a cost. I am prone to panic attacks, reason I quit smoking in 78. But, I have had sooo many panic attacks, I can usually deal with them, as I did with the Purple Kush High induced anxiety. I don't like body buzzing or any kind of vibration feeling, and this high felt like a 100 people were massaging me with electric hand masagers! Very, Very intense, but to allieviate this, I simply kept walking around which nulified the vibration feeling, and let the euphoric part of the high through which made it easier to deal with the panic type feelings that were lying just beneath the surface of the euphoric, laugh your ass off high. for a few hours, if I stopped walking, I would feel the vibration which smothered the high. What to do? Keep walking. As I said, been through so many panic attacks, never died, never had a medical problem during one, all in my head. I know this, and can deal with panic attacks, especially if someone I trust is with me. If you are a newbie, I would definitely have a friend, spouse (as I did) around when smoking this for the first time, especially if you are anxiety, and panic ridden as I am. Cold/hot shower, hot tub, walking, exercising, wil alliviate the buzzing, vibrating feeling, and let the high come through, and man, what a high it is!