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The Package: Very nice all black with a beautiful girl on the cover of it, tested and made sure it's safe for use THCA 25.87mg is going to be a heavy one for sure. The Smell: Tearing off the plastic to envelop my senses in a lushful pine and lemon forest, some of the small hints of a smoky eucalyptus chemical aroma is there, but faint. The Look: Looks like a more frosty og kush, as if it grew older not quite as green as kush, more pale colors, the calyxes on this thing is very strange never seen them straightened out like long hairs jetting out like cactus needles. There are other buds that look the same, but calyxes are just fine curled inside near the sunburnt pistols of a brownish yellow cake color. Short leafs are curled in as well, this bud is pretty shy for such a frosty nug! The Bud Structure: Small Bulb like flowers, about the size of a quarter the most, have a small compact form that are easy to break a part some are quite tough and dank, but leave your fingers super sticky that no amount of soap and water can wash off :D The Brew: The bag is brewing something mysterious looks like heavy medicine and intense vape so thick I can't even see the other side of the bag!. Since I use an Extream Q just like a volcano just cheaper and you can program the temp so you can get just certain boiling points for certain terpenes like CBD burns from 160-180 C˚ or a Terpine like myrcene burns at 166-168C˚ and that is a huge advantage over most vaporizers, just IMHO better solution for max potency. Anyways The Toke: Held my breath for a minute and still vape leaves my mouth, impressed on how strong this is! I don't find it harsh which is a nice take on a chemdawg for having a classic dry diesel like taste, this is nice. The Taste: Very chemical and earthy, hints of green herbal grass leaves a nice after taste classic cannabis taste, but no flower on my tongue. Medicinal & effect: I notice depth like shadows become more intense, while having a hazy like television fuzz on everything surround the thing that we are looking at. It has a deeper impression like when you stare at something for a while and look at a white wall or blank canvas you can see the imprint or inverted color of the object you were looking at. It takes that concept only a few seconds before its burned into my eyes lol this is heavy! Usually when cannabis is too strong we have panic attacks some are so bad we think we are dying or we are paralyzed. Chem's Sister is fantastic for me; it doesn't cause me to have a panic attack for being so strong, since all chemdawg's I have tried, Chemdawg 91, Chemdawg 1, #4, Tres Dawg, Star Dawg, and now Chem's sister joins my list I am very content with this strain! If you have problems with your eye's this helps tremendously! I also have depression and mood problems, and this is just very uplifting, and makes me happy *happy smirk = :j or :J* I recommend this for people who also suffer from writers block, and Tinnitus I don't hear any ringing. Plus having an attitude with great ambition creates a way to solve any problem. Have a great day everyone and stay warm this winter :D