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Chocolate Hashberry review

Avatar for jimmyinspazzz

This strain is not one that called out to me through appearance. The name Chocolate Hashberry was enticing enough to get me to take a sniff from the jar. Even that left me a little turned off with the bud giving off a light sweet grass smell. This budtender obviously new his herb because like a true professional without a word a bud was broken open with tweezers. Such a simple act spoke volumes in my nostrils giving off only a little of the terpenes. Radiant. Sweet. Spice. That tease brought this bud home. Only the start of a truly special flavor experience that leaves a mark on every part of my tongue. There is a tart raspberry like feeling on the back part of my tongue. Ammonia on the exhale of last few puffs. Chocolate was only smelled on my fingers when first breaking up the bud. There is an essence of thickness in the smoke and aftertaste that could be described as Dark Belgium Cocoa. The kind with little chocolate wafers & sometimes a cinnamon stick, but no marshmallows although I prefer them. So not like milk chocolate. Bitter with an unmistakable spicieness that makes it unique & in my opinion perfect for a chilly winter evening. In fact the flavor seemed such a perfect combo with cocoa a small batch of ganja butter was prepared. This cup of thick butter mixed with a heavy cream, dark cocoa is making this cold stormy night rather pleasant. Smoking the strain at the same time has given my achy body pleasant euphoric waves. Like having a personal masseuse =) Sleep is well on the way, yet this relaxation of the muscles & positive mindset kicked in over an hour ago. This flower is great medicine. Working heavy machinery or driving a care at this point is out of the question for me. Yet this buzz from multiple experiences seems to be mentally motivating all the while creating a intense medicinal body numbing high. Very happy to pick up this strain as well as experimenting with the wonderful taste in edibles.

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