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Avatar for Uniqueeye

SIMPLY THE BEST.... Better than all the rest. ha, a little Tina Turner for ya. So Usually I'm smoking strains like Jack Herer, Haze, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Green Ribbon, NYC Deisel etc. SATIVA Dominant strains are my absolute fav, because I'm doing 90% of my smoking during the day. I'm an artist/photographer/writer and this strain just rocks for that daytime, wake and get goin. I don't drink coffee in the morning (my gf does and the house smells amazing, sometimes it's all I need to get out of bed) so this kind of stuff is my "coffee" in the morning, we joke in fact because she'll sit in bed having her coffee, and i'll have my vape-or-smoke loaded with some sort of powerfel sativa to get my head up and going. This time, it was Chocolope, and oh boy, i fell in love. I IMMEDIATELY put another order in for a full oz, as I want to stock up on it while it's around before I end up with some mislabeled batch of heavy indica that ruins my day almost every time. This strain smells of that familiar thai spice. It's got that "first time you smoked really amazing kind bud" type of smell, if that makes sense. just something extremly familiar about it. the buzz comes on instantly and I literally felt like Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the original Batman, my cheeks were ear to ear and i felt like talking, editing photos, getting really in depth into some movie, while going onto leafly.com to leave my review for this amazing heady buzzing energetic strain. If you are a writer, if you are a musician, this is the kind of stuff you want. A lot of people out there say they "dont care" what they're getting, as long as it stinks and gets them buzzed off one or two solid tokes. If people KNEW what they were after, (Sativa = Day, Indica = Night) they could adjust their smoking to fit their maximum potential. anyways, i highly reccomend this strain, if you can get it in cutting, keep the mother going and you could clone this lovely thai genetically perfect beauty for years to come. With a name like "chocolope" (creative name, but sounds too much like a heavy indica) it's decieving, kinda flys under the radar and I'm guessing it's going to be for the most experienced smoker as far as controlling the headiness is concerned. it makes me want to fly off the ground while telling you about every single sensation that's going through my body. Get it if you can. Highly recommended.