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So let me say, I was extremely worried and paranoid about smoking medical marijuana. Living on the West Coast I decided to go on a limb and get my medical marijuna card. I had just been in Urgent Care, two weeks prior for horrific anxiety and ptsd. My doctor had prescribed me Xanax and short term I felt it was okay, but I had heard horroy stories about patients who had used Xanax long term and the terrible side effects of ever trying to get off the medication. While I was grateful for my doctos giving me the medication, I knew this was something I did not want to take long term. I have terrible PTSD, tremors, anxiety and paranoia. The budtender recommened me this strain after stating my condition to her. I can say nothing but good things about cookies and cream. A little goes a long way for first timers. But it gave me 0% anxiety. I felt 0 anxiety or paranoia whatsoever smoking this. It relaxes my muscles, my shoulders, my back, and just makes me feel more calm and level. I can 100% function, and go about my day, it just makes me feel like the tiny things in life dont matter, and it knocks ou my social anxiety. Great strain for first timers who have never smoked before. Great for patients looking to treat PTSD and Panic Disorder.

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