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Durban Cookies review

Avatar for AZK1

REVIEW FROM A GRANDMA WITH BACK & NECK ISSUES: My medical issues come from multiple surgeries including back & neck and symptoms of Lupus that can leave me spacey & depressed. Now! About Durban Cookies: I knew I liked Durban Poison so I figured this would be about the same. Boy, was I wrong! The pain reduction in my neck and back is wonderful. Not gone, but muted enough to concentrate on something else. That’s generally my goal for pain relief. This went far beyond that! I am chairing an event this summer and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with it as far as a theme, decor, ANY OF IT! I’d been staring at my clipboard and a blank page for weeks. and beginning to panic. I tried Durban Cookies for the first time, the other day when I was helping my daughter with 4 kids under 8. I was the funnest Grandma ever! Laying on the floor coloring, and helping with homework, building a living room fort...Not once did I have to say “Grandmas back hurts, I have to rest”. Not sure who had more fun, me or them!. I tried it again this morning. An hour later I had a theme, had scoured Pinterest for decor ideas and had a full page of notes on my clipboard. It’s a SUPER HAPPY HIGH!! The ideas just flow and you just feel ALIVE but with no anxiety or edge to it. A little bit in the first 5 minutes then it just fades. That’s unusual to find in a Sativa, for me anyway. The taste is pleasant, doesn’t burn my throat and the buds are loose and easy to break apart without a grinder. It burns really nicely in a small pipe. Not too fast, not too slow. 3 or 4 hits is good for me. I don’t know flavor profiles or turpenes like a lot of people, I just know how it makes me feel. Hopefully this will help someone else.

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