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Avatar for BaronBlazesBearingaBong

(Smoking review, not vaporizing) My first impression of this truly Forbidden Fruit was truly exhilarating; THE SMELL: I opened the bag ever so slightly and my roommate (across the two bedroom apartment with her door closed) came out to smell the Fruit; she could smell it through my closed door and hers across the house (and it is easily the BEST SMELLING STRAIN). {Hints of Passion Fruit, Mango and Cherry- the nuggs smell like a rich citrus smoothie with some earthy/foresty undertones } - I'm not sure if "The Cannabis Method" delivery service here in Los Angeles just has some of the best smelling prescriptions, but the smell is truly holy. THE INITIAL FEELING: After my first hit from a clean bowl, it took about 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds (yes, I timed it) until the head high was effective (and I smoke everyday so my tolerance is a bit HIGHer than usual - hah). I have been looking for a strain that eliminates the feeling of chronic depression, anxiety and stress; Forbidden fruit does just that almost instantaneously. I found myself giggling at absolutely nothing in the physical world, just the thoughts I was having. About 5 minutes and 5 hits in, I found myself wanting to draw or paint and sing my heart out, and I was being VERY goofy (making silly faces and sounds/ telling funny stories) to my roommate and friends that had come over. 10 minutes later I was sunken in the couch, immersed into Skyrim for the next two hours. THE AFTERMATH: I awoke the next day feeling well rested and ready for the day, almost care and worry free. Also, I did not experience dry eyes or cotton mouth; that's a first! CONCLUSION: I absolutely love this strain and it will continue of be one of the best in my opinion.

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