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As a person who's gone from a casual every day stoner, to someone who gets crippling anxiety from only a hit or two, Harle Tsu has been a godsent. Normally as I smoke I start to feel stupid, which is a feeling my brain tries to fight, which makes me claustrophobic and overwhelmed. With Harle Tsu I can take a few bong rips and speak as intelligently as I could if I was sober. It feels similar to perhaps taking half of a vicodin. My muscles are relaxed, I melt into the couch or chair or bed, but I'm completely coherent and intelligent. People who like getting totally ripped on THC have compared it to drinking a non-alcoholic beer, and if you're that type of person I don't think you'll enjoy this weed. But if you don't like the feeling of being stoned, but want some help unwinding, this is the weed for you.

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