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Lavender Jones review

Avatar for warpedcassette

Lavender Jones. Tread with ease. Read on (newcomers: see note about paranoia) I bought this at the advice of my budtender at Altitude Littleton. I requested something that's good for stimulating the creative juices, and he suggested this. Buds are fuzzy and dense with a nice purple hue to them. Pleasant scent of lavender, pine, with a hint of oak. It does not have a skunky or kushy smell to it, and the scent profile seems sativa influenced. When smoked, the flavor is quite pleasant and this smokes easily. I rarely cough with this strain, even with a super tiny pipe. It hits hard and fast in the head first, but the body effects subtly grow to be very potent. This can make this strain a bit too potent for some people as they will smoke more than they can handle. The head effects typically lead me to constantly smile. I feel at ease, socialable. When smoked at high doses, it can be disorienting and almost feel hallucinogenic. Paranoia is a big deal with this strain - likely the worst in that category I've ever experienced among strains - new users, take note before you try this! The body effects creep up on you, starting with a subtle couchlock amplifying to waves of sensation flowing through you. It can be overwhelming, even for an experienced user (I consider myself to be a significant smoker and this blew me away), so be careful, dont even think about driving, and see if you can last through a horror movie without screaming out loud while high on this. You won't be able to. On a serious note, this is a great strain, but it's not an appropriate strain for a patient with severe anxiety.