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My friends have started to jokingly refer to this strain as "Crybaby Weed" because just about every time I have it I start to tear up and get emotional. Some context: I'm a 30 yr old dude who is highly analytical and lives mainly in his head. Lucid Dream, for whatever reason, helps me live in my heart and feel all of the things that are typically stuffed down during my waking life. I gotta say, getting in touch with how you truly feel about life, about loved ones, and about yourself (all in a positive way), is powerful medicine. If you're someone who stuffs their emotions down (read: typical men), you might want to explore this strain with the intention of actually feeling gratitude. BIG difference than just logically or intellectually being grateful. Word or warning: you might end up crying like a big baby. Shouldn't be a problem though if you're confident with your self. Having a good friend/lover nearby is also recommended. Great conversations...