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Moonwalker Kush review

Avatar for StukaFox

They did IT! The crazy bastards did IT! 32%! What the hell were you thinking -- THIRTY-TWO percent? Was there a day when the growers of this Godzilla weed were saying, "Shit, I wanna be REALLY high, but I'm all outta dabs!"? Because I have a lot of theories as to how one decides that 32% THC in buddage form was even remotely a sane idea. Now most of these ideas of mine are total garbage, so you might have to supply your own, but the main idea here is ain't nobody done need no 32% THC weed! OR DO THEY? Because once you've taken this shit out for a drive on the one-hit test, your perceptions of what it means to be REAL fuckin' high are going to change. Couch-lock? I've got pinstripes on my ass from sitting on this corduroy couch for so long. In fact, I'm so high right now that I hallucinated we elected an angry midget the color of a bowl of Cheetos for President. Oh, fuck, we did? I sure am glad I have a sack of THIRTY-FUCKING-TWO PERCENT weed right now! Seriously, 'tho, how the hell am I gonna make this eighth last four years?