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What a trip;) Bought 5grams of Nepal Hash (I smoked this strain in hash n not flower) for only £20 here in den haag Coffeeshop Jansen..Really Good deal for the type of hash I got, Dark Brown on the Outside,Golden Brown on the Inside, it was a lil Hard to break up but it probably was because of the cold weather so I warmed it up and it was pretty sticky and flexible...really nice Sweet Hashy And very aromatic Smell !! and when smoked in a pipe the taste was PURE AND STRONG , wow, I smoked pipes the whole day, and kept on getting a very nice stony, Up lifted and positive high that I could feel throughout my Body and mind...very Potent especially when smoked in a pipe!!! Must get it for mood Enhancement and stress, to just chill n smoke some good ,affordable hashish

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