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Nicole Kush review

Avatar for cascri8150

GROW REVIEW: This strain by DNA Genetics was grown by seed by me and then used as a mother plant. The first clone I took ended up hermaphroditing on me because I had a bad light leak in my tent for a few days that allowed sunlight to come in and throw this plant off, so beware of stress with this plant to prevent hermaphrodite tendencies, otherwise this plant is rock solid genetically speaking. This plant doesn't need very long in the vegg stage in you are trying to keep your plants in the 2-3 feet range. It will stretch 2-3x the first 2 weeks of flowering, so I advise topping early on in vegg to try and bush it out. 2 main phenotypes: one with buds that form in a totem pole style with monster buds measuring 8-10" long and the other phenotype with here and there rock style buds the size of golf balls. Both pheno's produce about the same yield. Using 3 gallon pots with Ocean Forest soil and Advanced Nutes connoisseur base nutrients throughout, i was able to harvest 55g off each plant of medicinal quality nuggs (comparable to connoisseur shelf strains sold in dispensaries) SMOKE REVIEW: The buds are very dense and explode in a grinder. Smells like a mix of sour diesel and OG #18, literally danks the whole house up a few seconds after opening the lid off the jar. Heads will turn when you pull out this bud. The smoke is lung expanding, and the diesel fuel OG taste will be on inhale as well as exhale. This is probably one of my favorite tastes in bud other than a very sweet berry taste. The high is felt instantly it is almost overwhelming on the first hit. Very strongly felt as a head rush at first then a nice body numbing effect. It's not quite couch lock, unless just overly consumed in a short period. Keif and shatter made from this strain is A++ quality as well. I'd definitely call this my "Hash Plant" strain out of my current 7 mother plants.