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Avatar for mindspace

This was my first time trying any kind of cannabis in over 10 years. I only experimented occasionally in my youth, for a year or two when I first when to college. My experiences were very mixed, but for the most part, I didn't like it. I decided to start researching cannabis use again as I've developed terrible insomnia which is brought on by anxiety attacks at night. Also, I do enjoy having a drink, but I'd like to cut back on alcohol and have something more healthy for recreational use. Anyway, all my research pointed towards high CBD, low THC strains. I used to get panic attacks, racing heart, paranoia etc very easily with cannabis, and thats why I stopped. I was very apprehensive but was very interested in trying it again, as I had a few good experiences too. I just needed to find the right strain. Nordle, being indica, was said to be good for relaxing and sleep. I had also read it was very mild in general, which also appealed to me. I bought my Nordle from CBD Crew as they had lab tested their product to prove it was indeed high in CBD. I finally bought a vaporiser and tried some. It was a very enlightening experience. (In my previous experience as a youth, people smoked joints mixed with tobacco - I don't smoke tobacco so it probably added to the dizzy and nausea). When I took my first draw of the vaporiser, I was feeling a little worried how I'd react. Because of this - as the effects started to set in, I was a little on edge and tense. However, as I continued to take more, I realised that it wasn't getting any worse, and that it was my own mind being reluctant to let go. I began to relax and had a really good time once I realised it was my own mind, and it actually wasn't making me freak out. It made me feel quite sedated, with some heavy couch lock as I pushed further to see how much I could vape. My eye lids grew heavy. I vaped about half a gram and was feeling very floaty, a little spacey, with heavy eye lids, a little couch lock, dry mouth, and my appetite was increased. It's hard to describe, but I still felt very lucid and self aware of how I was feeling, yet at the same time, concentration was difficult and reading simple sentences on the TV guide was a struggle. It requires the user to allow it to take over, and allow yourself to zone out and turn off. Its for winding down and relaxing for sure. Considering it was my first time, and my tolerance is presumably extremely low, I was surprised I could handle a half gram all to myself and remain feeling calm. It would suggest to me that this is a mild, mellow strain. Not racy or too trippy, with a mostly body stone. Its hard to know if it worked for my medical requirements, helping me to sleep, because it was my first time and I was trying to relax my mind. When I went to bed I was worried that I didn't feel sedated enough to sleep. My mind was thinking about many things, and I kept losing my train of thought.... however, somewhere during these deep thoughts, I forgot about time, and drifted off to sleep. Perhaps the more used to it I get, the more it will relax me and help me sleep - we'll see. As for taste - I was VERY surprised. It was my first experience of using a vaporiser. I bought an Arizer Air. I had read many reviews in which people discuss all the different flavours of cannabis. I thought that as someone not used to it, it may be too subtle to notice. Instead, when I took my first vape, I could taste a fairly strong flavour of lemon, citrus and pine, with some earthy under tones. I noticed that when it was nearly time to re-fill with fresh bud, it had began to taste more of biscuit, wood and earth. I'd say this strain is good for beginners. When vaped it seems to build up very slowly, but you can take enough to make the effects as strong as you like. Very manageable. No paranoia or anxiety, no dizziness or nausea. Much more of a body stone than a mind stone, but it does dull the thought process. Mellow and relaxing, good for night time. Tasted very nice for those into pine and lemon/citrus.