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Avatar for Stickyfingaz15

I had gone to one of my local dispensaries on several occasions and had seen this one with interest, but had kept passing it up for stronger strains or better deals. It kind of fell into that price area where is rather spend a little more for (seemingly) a lot stronger bud, or I'd rather pay a little more for a lot more quantity of something cheaper. However, it always stood out to me because of the name...and it looked beautiful. Solid sticky buds coated with a light golden and hue of trichomes...and the buds have shades of deep olive and that ever coveted purple. I finally purchased it today...just a gram. The smell is AMAZING! Definite grape tones with that perfect balance of fruity earthiness. The taste is without a doubt top 3 best I've ever tasted! Juicy, floral, with that pungent ammonia quality you'd expect from a potent strain. And to segway from there to the high...it was FOR SURE POTENT! I was fortunate enough to have not smoked much the last couple days leading up to Oregon Pinot, so i was able to feel the high very clearly. It is an incredibly relaxed and yet social high. I have never tried a sativa dominant strain that has given a high that was so comfortable in any environment. Makes me hungry, but not ravenous...i actually enjoy the idea of preparing a good meal more than running out to eat quickly. Just an all around ideal high for my tastes...i will probably end up buying out the rest of what they have at the dispensary. I would say that this strain is one of the greatest i have ever come across...10/10!

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