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Initial impression: My bud-tender said in the usual tone "what'll it be?" I chirped back, "surprise me, something new from the cannaseur shelf' please". So I was handed a newer strain aptly named "Mother's Milk. The other one was Gorilla Glue #4 (GG)" (reviewed in this post). Needless to say, I was pretty excited about both of these. I sampled this one in a pre-rolled cone form, also rolled with "Raw Cones" thanks to the talented hands of Jazzy J at Medicine Man's Medical Market, located in Glendale, CO. I use a scale of 10 points, 10 being the highest possible score in any category, with 3 total categories, Taste / Aroma / Potency. Aroma: 10.0 (+1.) bonus. This is the highest number of points I have ever awarded any strain for its aroma. The smell from this strain is so unique, I have never smelled anything like it ever. It had an incredibly strong pungent earthy aroma, with overtones of powerful industrial ammonia. Damn, is all I can really say about this strain. Kudos to the growers for this strain, really, it is something special. I would not want to grow a bunch of this indoors, you would need some serious filters, it would smell like a huge uncleaned litter box, in terms of a real strong odor of cat piss. Taste: 9.5 The taste of this bud was something quite different than its scent. Like the aroma, the taste was also heavy. I was glad that the taste of this did not overwhelm me like its aroma. The initial taste of this is more earthy and piney than its smell leads you to believe. Regardless, this is by far the tastiest strain I have had aside from Jenny Kush in quite a while. It was intense, and mellow at the same time. Really a wonderful strain, with lots to offer. Potency: 9.0 The strength of this euphoria was intense. This strain has provided me with one of the more intense body and head highs of any strain that I have reviewed to date. The high came on almost immediately, and was pretty intense in terms of its psychedelic intensity, the body high was great also, I felt lethargically focused, if that makes any sense. I was in full effect of the indica part also, and here is what I mean. I needed a seat belt for reality, but I was intensely focused on the movie I had on, "The Big Lebowski". Final opinion: I thought this strain was really really great! The potency was strong, the aroma was powerful and the taste was exceptional, this is a textbook example of perfection. Great job to all of those involved in the production and distribution of this awesome strain. This strain when they have more will be in my private stash for the really long snow days we get in Denver. I would implore you (the reader) try this strain if you have the means to, it is absolutely worth it. Total points awarded: 29.5 out of 30 (plus 1 bonus point in the aroma category). I would rate this strain 5.0 stars, I feel that this strain deserves every point it earned! This is not a strain for novices. CM~

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