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Palm Tree CBD review

Avatar for CannaAdvisor

this is my holy grail strain! like all LBS strains it smokes really smooth and packs a bigger punch than you would expect so worth the fact that its a bit pricier than most others in my opinion. you will definitely taste more of the lemon notes when vaping and more of the earthy when smoking in a joint but its still nice and has a crisp lemon finish. this strain is very much a mega body high vs a head high and tends to creep up on you. it feels like tiny vibrating messagers are travelling up and down your body, shoulders relax, you feel floaty and super comfortable, sometimes super talkative (so make sure if you smoke with someone else its someone who likes the sound of your voice) , doesnt cause couch lock although you might just be too comfy to ever want to move so its a great strain for pain, after the gym, or winding down after a long day. I also found that it completely took away my anxiety and for the first time ever my brain wasnt thinking all over the place at a million miles per hour. the only downside to this strain is that it can make headaches or nausea worse just due to how it makes the body feel

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