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Phantom Cookies review

Avatar for ThisIsMyCake

TL;DR Lower Dosages create a euphoric and happy feeling (Thanks to its parent Cherry Pie). Come down is sleepy (Thanks to GDP). If you've tried both GDP and Cherry Pie, this is THE example child-hybrid. Taste is okay vaped, but it's nothing special. This strain is a creeper. Getting really high creates a surreal effect that only seasoned marijuana users will be able to handle. 5/5 Love this strain and would recommend vaping/smoking it. == Long Review Warning == (Smoking this strain currently while writing this) (Smoking aprox. .3-.4 g)(I have major anxiety and depression) (Been smoking/vaping for 3 months as of about now) I got mine from Amsterdam's Garden (So this review is of medical-grade cannabis) and it's been a really good high. Dense nugs and very sticky. It tastes great on a vaporizer (using the crafty for reference). Tastes mostly nutty a bit earthy. With it being so dense, it gets hard to hold in the vapor sometimes. For those who dont mind a little coughing after their hit, this strain can get you to a very strong high very quickly. The actual high is very relaxing. I notice a definite high in the body as well as the mind A sorta distracted high. However, you're still able to get things done, At higher dosages however, be warned that this strain will get you "fucked up" where the only way I can describe it is as "the typical stoner high". There's definitely a euphoria in this high, and you can feel your problems melt away on each exhale. There's also a happiness to it. A little bit of a smile, sometimes for no reason other than the realization that you're so high. At higher dosages (about 10-12 hits for me of pretty big hits) you start to get a hungry feeling also known as "the munchies." It's also at this point that the dry mouth or "cotton mouth" starts up. It's not too bad, as I haven't even needed to grab a sip of water while writing all this, but it's noticeable. Let me say again that if you're looking for a really good "active/get up and do things" strain this is NOT the strain for you (try looking at some Sativas instead). The indica of the hybrid is really representing itself at higher dosages. There's a bit of a playfulness to this strain though, so it feels like a good social strain (though sadly while I am writing this I have no company :( ). Like I said before, simple motor tasks are made more difficult under this strain (it was hard for me to get the wrapper off of a Ben&Jerry's) while mental work is more available (I'm able to somewhat coherently put together this moment-by-moment review). All in all, this strain is 5/5 fantastic. It tastes great, it does its job, and makes those relaxing hours with friends or playing games better. A word of caution: BE CAREFUL SMOKING THIS STRAIN BEFORE SLEEPING. The effects of this strain are not very conducive to sleeping (I had a rough patch the first time I smoke this where I couldn't sleep because I had this turbulence-like feeling welling up within me and scaring me with a rush). Whether this is just me genetically or the batch that I bought or how much I vaped (which was about .45 g) or whatever, just be cautious of using this before bedtime (So this is a good lazy-day strain where you can use it in the day and do some easy mental tasks (or none at all, whatever you fancy)). I bought mine for $60 (1/8), and I'd say it's well worth the money for the high. Take every review with a grain of salt. While my experiences are as I said, every person reacts in their own ways to cannabis.