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Pheno 51 25.98 THC 7/20/20 Cultivator: Cresco Several small buds, somewhat dry and resinous. The modest aroma, when ground, shows lime and pine, and hints of medicinal herbs. The taste is almost pure gas/fuel, and can initially be harsh. Although the high can be intense and lasting, it does not overwhelm. Appears to be a nice daytime smoke, allowing for focus, alertness and a cerebral high, but it seemed to enhance anxiety. Enhanced terpenoid effects were not significantly experienced. Taste:7.0 Aroma:7.0 Bud Quality/Curing: 9.0 Terpene: 8.0/10 High: 9.0 Overall: 88/100 Strain notes: (Star Killer x Sky Walker OG) . Hybrid. Terpenes: Myrcene, Terpinolene. (reported by Cresco). Reviewed by Illinoiscannabisreview@gmail.com

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