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Avatar for Xenos

This strain should be called "Pain Be Gone"...I'm VERY impressed with it! I was suffering the queen mother of all migraines - the absolute worst I've experienced in years - as well as pretty bad nausea. Being on a self-imposed tolerance break, I've been taking pills all day and felt like I was getting zero pain relief. Nada. Zip. Zilch. All it did was make me feel doped up. Finally I said "f--- this!" and reached for that gram of Pitbull I bought at the dispensary 2 months ago. WOW! This stuff is indeed legit medicine! I am now convinced that for some people, the amount of pain relief via the right cannabis strains can rival that of a strong opiate. I've tried so many other strains for migraine relief - G13, Midnight Kush, Blueberry, AK47, etc, and got only moderate pain relief at best. With Pitbull, the pain is COMPLETELY gone! The nausea? GONE! And that was while having one of the most severe migraine attacks I've had in the past 10 years. The pain was so bad I could barely even stand up and was physically weak. All of a sudden I've got my strength back and zero pain, within 3 minutes. This is absolutely crazy....the pharmacutical companies charge an absurd amount of money for pain meds, but you can go to the dispensary and get something even more effective for way less money. Getting just the right strain for you is key, here. For me, it's Pitbull. No mental craziness at all. Just a soft, cottony body buzz, ultra powerful pain relief, incredibly relaxed, zero anxiety/paranoia, and light insomnia relief. I would HIGHLY recommend Pitbull to cancer and chemothearapy patients - it should PULVERIZE your nausea and pain. As for hunger, this has been a non munchie strain to me. For some, that's a blessing -- I've become a bit of a fatass and need to lose weight.