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Kuuuusshhhhhh is just how this one makes you feel. Like sinking into a nice pillow. I didn't have a strong feeling one way or the other for the smoke. (Although my vape broke and I had to use my little water pipe -- so I tasted a LOT more smoke than I usually do. I will review again when my beloved vape is back in action.) But the high is very nice combination body/head high. A calmly centered high. The creative buzzing is there, but turned to low simmer so it's not always poking at you. The body is relaxed, but not couch-locked. You can do necessary stuff; but the high is not what I'd describe as "energizing." (I actually found it a pretty helpful space for writing.) This one really feels like a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid. But I understand it's full Indica. Mild but pure. (Damn, I just reread those last two sentences -- I'm really starting to sound like a pothead). It occurs to me this would be a good choice for a family dinner. You want to be high, but you don't want your grandparents to know you're high. On this, you feel nicely chilled -- but you're neither a zombie idiot with zero energy nor a super-charged, but unfocused thinking machine. I think you could be pretty much "just right" at the dinner table with P. Kush, i.e., a smiling, charming, occasionally witty dinner companion. Just what the grandparents (and parents!) want to see -- and you want to give. Its charm is that it is very relaxing, but its real gift can only be appreciated if you allow it in and don't fight it. Turn yourself over to the Kush (Platinum version, no less) and let him hold you down -- and then you must choose to let go. At that moment -- at the precise point where your need to push against is equaled by your acceptance of being pushed -- you realize right then -- that you are just where you ought to be. P. Kush pushes you toward Nirvana -- but in the end it's up to you -- whether you touch it or not. Gradually blasting off now...