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Purple Berry review

Avatar for PieRomania

I don't often go into local dispensaries here in Washington State as my designated provider usually gives me plenty of cannabis and a good selection of strain at that. With that said, every once in a while I'll visit an establishment to pickup a few grams of 2-4 strains to add to my medicine cabinet to keep a good variety on hand. This was one of those strains that I had to have right when I saw it. Visually, this strain was absolutely gorgeous. Multiple shades of purple that ranged from a dark plum to vivid/bright. One of those strains that is "more furry than frosty", similar to Blackberry Kush & Chocolate Kush in my opinion. Still, so much white across these flowers, it was an incredible strain to look at. Bag appeal was a perfect score regardless of your grading scale and I'm not all that fond of "purple" strains to be honest with you. The aroma was sweet. Nothing too distinct outside of smelling like dank, well grown cannabis. However, that terpene profile was deceptive because as soon as I started combusting it in my bong, the sweet scent had become a candied berry that was extremely smooth with very little expansion. Quite enjoyable to consume. Potency wasn't all that high (still adequate, probably around 18-20% if I had to guess), but the effects were nice, mellow, and clear headed. Overall, this strain was outstanding in the evenings or before bed. Sedative, relaxing, great flavor, and helped my insomnia. A good strain for funny movies before bed, video games, as an appetite stimulant, reading a good book, or even to browse around online and BS on forums. This strain won't make you feel stupid if you go a little overboard on amount you consume and I found myself reaching for this strain almost every night while I had it. Pictures will be included here on Leafly for your enjoyment (will be snapped with a bright blue background, for reference). I hope you all enjoy them as well as the review. If grown well, I highly recommend giving this strain a try.