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Purple Cotton Candy review

Avatar for MedicalIncredible

Relaxing Medicine !!! You'll feel relaxed from the 1st hit Most "weed" accelerates "the gas pedal of your body" but only after 2-3 "hits" This strain decelerates and does so instantly ! Highly Recommended for MEDICAL Patients But don't worry that it won't also wake you up a bit I mean let's be honest Your heart will accelerate when smoking any weed It's just a medical scientific fact The cool thing is that moment it's told to speed up, it feels as though you're "downshifting" We'll call this magic the "lucky charms effect" Yeah your heart will speed up but no it won't feel like that with this strain Lower dosage users, should be aware that I'm not claiming this strain is 100% chill because I'm not, but it is chill enough to thrill some low, and most moderate dosage users and should be sampled with a 1g purchase followed by a .25g-.33g dose of flower at the end of your day. I believe you'll be very impressed and want it routinely Rec Patients cue up "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc Waiting for you to cue it up Ok *Music* Mmk Surprise here we have a medical grade strain that will make everyone chill and relaxed It's med, it's rec, it's for (almost) everyone Worth your money ! Holiday Inn guy has enough bonus points to get some We all know how west coast style is Kush but how most street weed back in the day was dirt and the high grade was lower THC strains by todays standards but sometimes you got really good shit and it crippled you it was so sleepy Well this isn't called Kush by given name but umm...it sure acts like it Recommended for the BEDROOM, Nighttime, after all driving is done, NOT RECOMMENDED as a "wake-n-bake Too sleepy before work or driving It's even too sleepy before intimacy Use AFTER you know what Use as a nightcap Also recommended prior to: Yoga, Physical Therapy, Stretching etc It's not the most relaxing ever...but it's in the relaxing "family" so it may help you adjust your neck and back etc Highly Recommended to most users! My only caution is: no driving, not before work mmk Clear headed strains exist And wake and bake strains exist This is neither This is a medical grade top quality Indica (dominate Hybrid perhaps) that may as well just be called INDICA It's not the "dopest Indica ever bro" but it's not far from "Indica Dinosaurland Heaven" Think of angry drunks vs happy drunks This strain is like a happy drunk just sitting, sipping his beer Smiling Happy 30 minutes later I feel even better The ever so slight acceleration is gone and my bloodstream feels very very good Way better than after most sessions This strain behaves like a hybrid where I'm able to move my body but my thinking is a bit delayed So yes it's a bit dumb Most people are going to LOVE this strain Dwarfs we get: sleepy, happy, dopey, & doc Street Weed Aficionados: 9.7/10 Legal Weed Aficionados: 8.3/10 Hybrid Aficionados: 8.7/10 Indica Aficionados: 9.2/10 This may be the strain that Jay and Silent Bob knocked out the game show contestants with So...... girls, ladies don't let "slick" tell you that Purple Cotton Candy is for little girls who wear purple He is trying to get you to pass the blank out Tell him you want Ghost Train Haze and Coffee Cos if he gets a few drinks in you and a few tokes of this, you're gonna be sideways hearing Paul Mooney saying "Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X" And you're gonna know this ain't Chapelle's Show so... After 50 shades After work After driving Nightcap McGirk Daddy's cough medicine Mommy's cough medicine zzz... "Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X" ZZZ