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Avatar for SweepKing18

I just smoked a bowl of some very nice Purple Headband flowers, and I am extremely impressed. This strain is totally amazing. The buds are dense & purple with pink and orange hairs. Covered in white crystals (pollen or resin). The aroma is also very nice. This is a prime example of why I love all of these hybrid strains. I don’t particularly care for the sour diesel flowers by them selves, but when crossed with OG Kush and an unknown purple strain, the buds are amazing. The high is the classic Headband high. Comes on fast and hard with a burst of cerebral energy. I can most definitely feel the phantom “headband” sensation after smoking this weed. It feels like a slight pressure on my temple area and it is starting to move forward. It’s not a bad kind of pressure either, more like relaxing. And that is where I am headed now with my buzz. Into the relaxed and satisfied zone. This strain has a very strong sweet berry and grape smell (especially after grinding it). The taste is similar to the aroma or smell. Great strain for anytime of the day imo. I highly recommend trying Purple Headband if you get a chance.

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