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Avatar for PMP

Parents: Granddaddy Purple and Trainwreck Appearance: Violet buds with dark red hairs. Quite frosty. Looks like sparkling grape candy. Initial, almost immediate high, then tapers off into a physical stoney contentedness, then eventually to couch-locky lethargy. Great go-to for pain relief! highly effective long lasting pain reliever for a wide variety of ailments. If you consume a lot, this can also be great for insomnia at night. Smaller amounts are uplifting and great for the daytime. Energetic. Great just before going hiking, or exploring the outdoors. Depending on the amount consumed, it can have two different highs. In very small doses, it's sativa lineage dominates, creating an uplifting, euphoric, energetic high, which is ideal for daytime. Taking more of the strain can make it become a true day-wrecker! Tasty, but can be a little harsh. PMP Tester experience: The taste was pretty incredible! Like a dark, juicy berry, mixed with sweet cream. Slightly harsh, but still very pleasant. Good pain relief. I was having a back spasm and tried it. Pain did not disappear, but subsided enough to be able to work. Very functional at a low dose. Does NOT cause munchies! Almost gives you a "full" feeling. Higher dose was a little heavy for me. Arms and legs felt heavy. Great option for insomnia when you just want to float to sleep though.