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Avatar for MellowSailor

I am pretty picky in what strains I medicate with and have tried all kinds, but Romulan is one of my all-time favorites. I am very specific in the effects I want to feel. I need cannabis to 1) Calm my stomach/intestines immediately and take away nausea - and - 2) Provide me with a mellow, manageable high that does NOT induce paranoia or anxiety. I have severe IBS, GERD and a host of other intestinal issues, so a high CBD count is important to me. Getting so high I'm out of my head is NOT my main priority so I tend to stick to heavy, thick indicas, Romulan is like an old friend - I can depend upon it to take care of my body pain and calm my mind. It never fails me. It's mellow, even fun, and I feel like I can trust its effects and not worry. It's so easy on the body and mind - a truly MELLOW strain perfect for evening use and hanging out at home. It's excellent for physical pain and it provides instant relief all over. It has a great body high/body buzz that can be quite effective with the libido. More so than other strains I've found. This strain is my go-to for pain and daily use, and it always seems to be plentiful in my area. I think everyone should try it to experience the mellow, fun buzz it provides.