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There is a reason Rude Boi OG has a unanimous five star review. Rude Boi OG’s terpene profile comprising alpha-pinene, humulene, and caryophyllene contributes to its scent that is redolent of sweet pine. But, its Rude Boi OG’s cannabinoid ratio of 17-19% THC-A, 0.16 % CBG-A/0.18% CBG, and 0.12 % CBD that give it the medicinal and recreational qualities I enjoy. As THC levels in cannabis continue to skyrocket, I have difficulty finding strains that contain the constituents that help me find relief from ailments that range from chronic anxiety and bouts of depression to stiff and sore muscles resulting from intense exercise. When combined with healthy lifestyle choices, cannabis high in CBG-A/CBG and CBD aid in my efforts to live life healthier and more productively. Recently, I purchased an 1/8 of Rude Boi OG from Kind Peoples located on Ocean Street in the beautiful coastal city, Santa Cruz. I will post a review of the location at a later time, but the flower I received was excellent quality; it was moist, fluffy, and pleasingly whiffy. Rude Boi OG carries the label of an “indica” leaning hybrid however I perform many vigorous activities with no sense of effects often associated with “indica” strains such as lethargy or “couch lock.” I hope this review helped you in some way. If it did, remember to like and follow me for more of my reviews. Peace ✌🏽 and ☮️

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