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Dude!!!! Got the last 2 grams! Rug Burn What a lovely psychedelic strain, one of the very first strains I got stoned with six years ago. I haven't seen it since, however I remember how well this worked for me. Grab a drink other than water, Juice, coffee, lemonade, peppermint hot cocoa, Grape drank, ginger ale, Moxie, Coke, Pepsi, RC, something refreshing! Bud Structure: Mossy dark green hiding like a ninja with Orange hairs rippling everywhere! Comes to a foxtail point and covered in frosted THC all over those calyxes like purple on a fur blanket or powdered sugar on crepes super dank! Sticky fingers even when putting into the grinder have a hard time grinding this baby! The Smell: Punches you in the face with musky pungent tones of wood and tobacco. I am not finding any citrus in this at all, with most sativas I run into a lot of bright green and grassy flavors this is just the opposit a little dusty smelling too, gave me a sneeze or too lol! The Brew & Toke: In my vaporizor I have clear glass and it went from dark green to brown and now to white and yellow, I haven't viewed this up close and personal this is going to be very interesting not too thick of a bag kind of thin, but not much was put in only a little pinch and wow looks great! The Taste: Very woody flavors kind of earthy, hints of sage here in there amongst the dank flavors of fresh tar. The Effects: Lots of uphoria right away and I feel really relaxed my joints and my brain melt into one I feel very spiritually enlightened when I hit this. I dig how well this handles my mental and physical pain. I can relax and it takes away my anxiety, my eyes are relaxed and I drift into a nice daydream and if I am listening to music it makes me shake my butt. Love Rugburn for it's golden summer memory like feeling oh how I have missed you! Helps with Pain Mental & Physical, Nausea, GI, ADHD can stay focused while medicating in the other hand, I feel weightless if you have a hard time with the legs feeling like a million pounds and of course Depression! \Side note: I haven't seen this terp before called "Farnesene" Lets see it's to have anti-inflammatory, calming, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and sedative effects. Neat!

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