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Sensi Star review

Avatar for daisydobey

dont get me wrong, this is a VERY STRONG hitting fast strain. It totally made me dizzy and anxious due to its hard hitting feeling straight in the head and chest, it hits your lungs hard and boom. Seriously, don't know if i like it, just one proper water filtered hit and it will mess you up, so don't plan on doing any driving for a while after. it is long lasting too, 1-5 hours comedown, good for sleeping and sitting on a couch, laying in bed. Too bad it makes me way to dizzy, and a bit nauseated, hard to breath sometimes with this strain, very intoxicating strain. I def. smoked too much, kind of nauseated feeling when you eat edibles that are to strong and you feel nauseated, dizzy etc, you know what i mean. Def. need a smaller dose with this one. edit: ok.. this is a very strong strain. i just smoked a very small bowl in my bubbler and i am so high, by far one of the strongest strain i have ever smoked and i have been smoking for over 10 years daily only top shelf, even wax and oil, this strain is as strong as a very potent shatter. try a very small bowl and wait 5 min, it will send you shooting to the stars, around the sun and back..