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Avatar for FractalFox69

I have the CBD strain Shark Shock and I must say... I have been battling PTSD and Anxiety for a very long time and I recently started smoking Medical MJ and this strain has woke me up out of a living nightmare. its 9% CBD and 7% THC and I now smoke this every morning to relax and get me in the mood of actually living. My anxiety has shot way down and my rapid uncomfortable thoughts and memories have faded away to the point where I can actually enjoy the moment. I haven't felt this way since I was about 17/18 years old. I'm 25 now and I almost cried when I realized I was so relaxed and focused. I'm still getting use to not over thinking and not having anxiety constantly but every day I smoked this strain, things get better for me. This high CBD strain is not for really getting super baked and more for medical purposes but if you take 3 good puffs of this you will feel pleasantly stoned and happy. It has a very earthy herbal taste. I recommend this strain for people who suffer from chronic pain, PTSD and anxiety. Or anyone who finds them self overthinking life all the time. this will straighten you right out. :)

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