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Shipwreck review

Avatar for SwoleBrah

Shit had me fucked up. I felt like I was about to run an 100m dash while nearly bustin a nut in a chick and rushin to drop a heavy deuce. I was so high I felt like Smokey from Friday. I was so high I felt like my connect laced this shit. I was so baked I felt like I was getting hit by a million shooting stars or a meteor. I was so wrecked I flat out didnt enjoy chillin. Very psychoactive effects, felt like I tripped out on ice or angel dust, tingly as fukk, induced creativity (hell, on da way back I started thinking of a corny ass video game hero tune), pain relief, surprisingly little to no cottonmouth (my teeth felt rubbery), moderate dizziness, and drowsiness after the sudden onset of it. Tasted like pepper, butter, cheese, and a mist of pinapple. It's even sicker considering I was wrecked off of a blunt of a $15 bag shared by 2. The only grass I've toked that I didn't have a better time faded than sober.

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