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Sirius Black review

Avatar for Meatweapon

So, I bought this strain partly for the fact that it was an indica with a lower thc percentage, a decent amount of cbd, and, well, honestly... it was kind of a novelty, thing. Ive had Black Afghan and i had gotten it for the low thc and indica factors as well, but also, like Sirius Black, the novelty of it being so fully purple as to appear black. its different. cool. exciting. intriguing. major bag appeal and people freak when they see it! sirius blacks color was a bit more unique, like theres this almost redish wine color emanating from the buds, and i tell you what, I went back for more; not because of the novelty of the color, but the effects. it was perfect for me. the cerebral qualities are fantastic. puts me in a very happy positive mood. im more prone to laughter. its a bit euphoric. it is not overly heady/speedy or sedative and couch-locky. it's like the perfect balance. and for me; i have PTSD, so there are many strains that activate my anxiety, paranoia, negative self-conciousness, and hyper-vigilance. i am VERY picky because of this. it seems like ppl who dont have to worry about that always "Prefer" sativas, whereas ppl like me? its not a choice. we dont "prefer" indicas, we CANT use sativas (more often then not). Anyways, this strain induces NO panic or anxiety- just comfort, relaxation, joy, contentedness, and relief. if you have similar sympoms and/or issues, i HIGHLY recommend this strain. it seems to have everything one could want from cannabis without the negative side effects some of us have to endure, and (BONUS) it works any time of the day. i use it in the afternoon, and im still able to function just fine. some will even benefit and be more comfortable. now, at night, i can either just get comfort; or, i can use alot of it and itll work as a sleep aid, too. but not before a little bit of intense euphoria panic-free. for those of you with a major high tolerance, who can smoke any strain up in the 20%-and-up arena, i maybe wouldnt recommend this for you. all in all? five star flower💐. : )