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Space Candy review

Avatar for OccamsPhazer

Review # 312.098A Technician ID. 420420 Method: Combustion Device: HomeMade Gravity Water Bong w/flow control and advanced carb system. Quantity: Half a Cap Full, if the cap was a Pepsi Cap. Plume: An Atomic Dense full 2 Liters. I am going to do this review in a robot voice... Sorry dawgs, I's got trippen in some of my last reviews, whew, a little heavy. Lets bring it back to the weed. One must ride out those periods, as best they can. When it's heavy. And that's life. Oh, by the way, the robot voice is inside my head. You have to add your own robot voice. I think it reflects, it, being some of those reviews, an interesting period. I was getting into concentrates, oils, waxes and the like... All that came about because of some dude who worked in my crew; he had it. It was some crazy quest on my part to try to find the perfect high... the most up high... the high that would scratch the itch...and it was no go. None of those things did it. They made me feel almost 'dirty'. Something about those methods felt miles different than just smoking or vaping some bud. I don't think pot appreciated being used for those reasons either. OK. So why does this matter now?? Here's why. I just smoked some killer fucking weed. Like, I'm absolutely unabashedly totally trashed hee hee! And it's been forever since i've felt this quality, this kind, this 'how it should feel', high. The high is so uplifting. But I can't give all the credit to the pot alone. Its me. See. I'm a little more centered. I was going through some tough stuff when i was trying those really heavy methods... and i've worked some of that out... practically and emotionally... its called learning:) Anyway... so the bud meets me and I meet the bud..! Get it? Do you see? Before... i was relying on the weed to walk the whole way.. to do all the work... so i think it strained the high, as well the methods chosen to ingest. Whereas now... im bringing myself to the high, to the weed.. meeting it halfway. Putting that aside for the moment... Space Candy is mighty fine and dandy for a dollar weed, its parent seed, its breed, sets aside a creed all it own, damn kid, i'm in the zone. And if you could see me on my face it's shown, a radiated meditated Ohm, its frequency has a sequence see to me, known, its wild wind blown, and at times a little chilly like a frosty snow cone, but ive a cap on the dome, done the work & crawled (my way) home, started stoking up the center of my own hearth stone: I got an anvil of steel, a grinding wheel, plus enough life in me to seal the deal. Watch em kneel. Gonna build me an empire. Sire! Gonna lift populations up, by getting em higher. Fuck the pits and the mire. I retire. Time to rehire. New Blood! ++++Rhyme: It Happens. Wow. So love this weed. I'm gonna stick my nose in it right now, hold on... it's like walking through a pine forest, heavy, resin hues, a subtle old pleasant leathery smell, odd right? Bright, with a diesel-like citrusy scent to it. Gonna look under the hood with a 8x loop... one moment- fun... i saw what looked like two kinds of trichomes: very light and clear resins on the outer hairs and leaf, and then a layer down... a darker, almost amber, thick pellet or resin much larger in size. Its everywhere. I've seen 'shinier' bud, by far... but not nearly as nice, potent, long lasting... i see why people rated it happy! Its not happy for me... its beautifully light... who knows, maybe its the same. Subjectivity n all. There it is kids! A well rounded review. A little philosophy. A little personal psychology. Some pure bud talk. Some rhyme. And it's an hour in... and i'm still really stoned. I knew the minute i looked at the review score that it would be nice... 4.6. All the way. For me.... 5star++! Travel well, fellow travelers... OccamsPhazer

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