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Avatar for K1MB3R22

Just what I have been looking for. I suffer from Depression and High Anxiety. I was on medication for a long time, but after a few months whatever I was taking wouldn't work anymore. That's when I started doing my research on CBD which lead me to CBD:THC ratio which lead me to this strain. I can tell you the overthinking is almost gone. While on a road trip (I was the passenger), I would take one hit of this and then relax for our hours in the car. Car rides are the perfect breeding grounds for overthinking, but after taking Ssw I could only think about the things in front of me, like the trees and grass. It was the most relaxing experience. Presently I have a hit before work to mellow me out so I get frustrated and annoyed. I don't feel out of it or sloppy. I can do my job without any lang as if I were drunk. I have replaced this with all of the medications I was on, and so far, I feel amazing.

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