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Full review below, but for anybody with severe pain wondering about which strain to get, or to even whether to get a medical card at all, for pain relief via medical marijuana, it's my goal in this diatribe to sing amazing praises this single strain has done for my physical, and consequently, mental health in the 2 years since I've started using it. I made an account here just to comment on this strain. Of the 11 reviews that were already up, only one of them really mentioned its pain relief, and though it was a positive review, it didn't come close to matching just how blown away I was by this strain. It used to be at the Terrapin recreation store, and that's where I first encountered it, but my experience with it was so good from the very first 1/8th, that I followed its therapeutic relief to the doctor and medical dispencary. Now, you're probably wondering, just what kind of pain is this person talking about? Well, like most of us, mine is a shitty, complex smorgasbord of a bunch of lame stuff, but just to paint a brief picture, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, Radiculopathy, Migraines, Sleep Apnea, etc etc ad nauseam. My problem with medical marijuana is that if it is an exciting strain, especially with high amounts of THC, it can easily overstimulate my nerves and lead to a very uncomfortable few hours where I just end up sleeping off the effects. This strain keeps my head clear, but is able to melt away my head, back, and arm pain, while also drastically helping the nerve pain in my legs and feet. I'm able to function, in multiple meanings of the word, thanks to this strain. I definitely recommend it to anyone else who is at their wits end searching for something, anything, to let them have an evening of relative relaxation or that enables them to overcome their pain and even complete the most basic of self-care that would otherwise be an extreme challenge.

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