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Watermelon review

Avatar for WayOutWest

This review is for Nameless Genetics' strain watermelon, which may be different than the Indica version listed here on Leafly. It's more often labeled as a sativa-dominant hybrid 'round these parts, but then, you can't really trust most dispensaries' menus (but that's drama for another time and place). So here's the dilly. I scored this medicine from Green Wolf in LA, having heard great things about Nameless's work, and it turns out the hype is REAL, brothers and sisters. The nugs are light, lime green, not too dense (which also makes me think this isn't an indica), totally covered in crystalline frost and perfectly trimmed & cured. The aroma is maybe the best I've ever encountered-- a blend of ripe banana peel and watermelon candy with the tiniest hint of spice in the background... It's quite literally like opening a pouch of Watermelon Big League Chew on a summer afternoon. Seriously, you will keep returning to the jar just to sniff this one, like a spun out truffle pig. Your significant other will worry that maybe you're taking this "weed thing" too far. But you know what? This shit smells like magical candy. It's bud fit for a Hufflepuff slumber party, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. ANYWAY. Flavor-wise, the watermelon is still totally present when vaped, but it's joined by other more familiar OG-type flavors of pine and citrus. It's tasty-- SUPER tasty, in fact-- but I think it smells even better than it smokes (or vapes, in my case). The effects are a unique and satisfying blend of weed's best qualities, with a sativa-like jolt of energy and euphoria at the onset (pressure around the eyes, giggles, goofiness) followed by relaxation and pain relief, with a trancey mental state. It's good and strong, but not "heavy" feeling-- I was able to dose repeatedly and stay functional until bedtime, at which point the body high eased me into a peaceful slumber. You get the benefits of a sativa-type rush without any of the raciness or insomnia that some flowers stick you with. All in all, I consider this world class stuff. The scent, flavor and effects are all top notch, and between this and the Mega Wellness I tried recently, Nameless Genetics are doing incredible work. If you're in SoCal, do yourself a favor and track down some of their flower...