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Avatar for Delight

My Crohn's disease has been out of control with nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, inflammation, pain, and depression. This flare even woke me up early to make a mad dash to the toilet. None of the strains I have been vaping over the past few months have really calmed it down. (I realize that Rick Simpson and Shona Banda have developed cannabis ingestion methods that work for Crohn's, but I have not yet had the opportunity to try these yet.) I checked Leafly and did not have any of the recommended Crohn's strains. I didn't have any of the gastrointestinal disorder strains available either... except I noticed two of the listed strains, Fire OG and The White, are the parents of one strain I have: White Fire OG. Well if both parents are good for gastrointestinal disorders, then surely the child must be too! I immediately loaded it into my O-pen vaporizer and vaped away. After I had gotten plenty of medicine in my system, I felt something amazing. My whole abdomen relaxed. All of the tension released, like a bunch of muscles relaxing. I haven't felt such a phenomenon of relaxation in my digestive system before with any other strain. I kept vaping White Fire OG the rest of the day and had significant relief from this terrible Crohn's flare! I must also say that my legs and feet were relaxed too. Even my vagina, rectum, and anus were noticeably relaxed (but not to the point that anything would be released unintentionally). I felt calm and at peace. My thoughts were crystal clear, my memory did not skip at all, and I could totally carry on coherent, serious business conversations with this stuff in my system. I recommend this strain for relaxing muscles and as a daytime medicine for those with Crohn's disease, other types of gastrointestinal disorders, and anxiety.