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Avatar for sierrarancher

Newbie to medical marijuana here. I've been HIV+ for almost 30 years. The absolute worst symptoms I've been had for over 10 years are depression & mind-numbing fatigue. Fatigue so bad I couldn't get out of bed. And depression resulting from being able to not think clearly, as though my mind was full of cobwebs. And that worst part of depression: not getting joy from things that used to give you joy. Focusing on negatives things which happened long ago. Feeling bitter and resentful. Basically, just waiting to die. White Fire OG has completely turned all that around. I've tried every anti-depressant out there, nothing even comes close. I have a mini-bong (I found at amazon.com) and about 2 hits of bud is fine for me. It gives a sense of euphoria, but not hallucinogenic. Perhaps if I took more, I would, I don't know. I've been taking it for about 2 months now, and I thank GOD for it. I just wish it was legal a long time ago, I may have avoided 2 suicide attempts. I'm enjoying life again, I'm getting out of the house, meeting people and going to the gym. I have my life back again. It's wonderful. Thanks to everyone who voted to make marijuana legal medicinally in California. It should be legal recreationally as well. Marijuana is far healthier than alcohol, and safer than street drugs which are completely unregulated.