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White Widow review

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Genetics: “The White Widow strain was first released to the public by Shantibaba, shortly after he founded the Green House Seed Company in 1994 with a Dutch partner named Arjan. The pedigree of this famous sativa/indica hybrid is made up of a pure Brazilian sativa mother and a South Indian, Keralan hybrid father. The exact origins of the mother plant remains somewhat of a mystery but the most educated guess is that it could possibly be the old school, Brazilian landrace Manga Rosa, which has a long history of spiritual use. The Father was discovered during a trip to India where Shantibaba was approached by a man, who after sharing a joint with him, eventually led him to his farm in the mountains of Kerala. The farmer then introduced him to an indica hybrid that had been selectively cultivated and bred towards optimum resin production in his village for a very long time. After several days of sampling the farmer’s plants, Shantibaba left for the Netherlands with a batch of fresh seeds, from which he was soon to discover the male for his White Widow cross. He eventually bred it to the Brazilian Sativa mother, forming the spectacular White Widow.” http://www.seedsman.com/en/origins-of-white-widow/ Smell: Buttery is a good word to describe the taste of this strain. It also smells a bit sweet, and has a strong piney, earthy-ish smell as well. You could compare the smell to a very sweet and creamy butter, with a strong background scent of pine. The smell is ridiculously unique. I guarantee that you will never smell another strain like it. So, take a big whiff before it’s gone! Taste: It has a very rich and delicious taste that practically melts in your mouth, but the taste of pine is strong as well. It could not be mistaken for any other strain. The taste is almost identical to the smell, but maybe a bit more earthy and piney than buttery. To get the full effect of how tasty White Widow can be, try putting a small piece of a nug on your tongue, and let it sit there for 30 seconds or so. I had chocolate ice cream with this strain in it, and when I tasted it, chocolate was the second flavor I tasted. Usually chocolate overpowers most other flavors, but not White Widow. Effects: (Keep in mind that my tolerance is ridiculously high, therefore the effects I feel may be less than what a person with a normal tolerance would feel from this strain.) It’s the best of both worlds. It’s 60% Sativa, which gives you a head-high, and 40% Indica, which gives you a body-high. In my experience with this strain, I felt as if it were more like 50/50 and not 40/60. You could definitely feel the silly, happy, high feeling that Sativa strains give you, but you also feel calm, relaxed, and even pretty sleepy from the Indica part of it. Personally, it made me feel a bit more tired than I would have liked, but it didn’t put me to sleep completely. I got some very nice visuals from this strain. What Medical Conditions it Helps With: Anxiety- I smoke this strain when I feel a panic attack coming on. After a couple hits it slowly calms you down to a point where the anxiety or panicky feelings are completely gone. Depression- I think many strains help with depression, but usually Sativa dominant strains help with depression but not anxiety. It’ll make you very silly, and you’ll laugh at everything, no matter how sad you are before smoking. Physical Pain- In my opinion, this is a wonderful strain for any type of physical pain, including chronic pain. Especially because most strains that help with chronic pain will give you couch-lock..which sucks if you want to be pain-free but also able to do things. Insomnia- This strain will help with mild insomnia. If you have it bad, I suggest a more indica dominant strain. Creativity- Not a medical condition, but it does make you very creative! Similar Strains: Ice. Ice is a 50/50 strain that is similar to White Widow in effects. I enjoyed both of them very much. White Widow is a bit better quality, but Ice is great as well. What the Buds Look Like: The nugs look like little pinecones, and are small in size. They are covered in a nice layer of trichomes and resin, which is mostly white and light green. The hairs on the bud are a light shade of amber. The leaves tangle around the nugs, making them look even more aesthetically pleasing. The buds are frosty and coated in trichomes if you break them open and look inside. It is some very good looking bud, in my opinion. I would suggest smoking it in: A bong or a bubbler. You can only really do this strain justice if you smoke it in glass piece. It has a very interesting taste. If you roll it in a joint or a blunt, you won’t be able to taste it as well. I personally liked it rolled into joints as well, but my friends and I came to a consensus that it is much better in a piece…preferably a water piece. A bowl or vaporizer would be good as well. On a side note, it is a wonderful strain to put in edibles. My friend made a batch of lemon pound cake with this in it, and it tasted great! (This was a review I posted previously on Tumblr. Sorry it's so long!)

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