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Zkittlez review

Avatar for bobbyo415

This is a highly overrated strain in flower form. I'll start with the caveat that no two grows are alike, but I purchased mine from Caliva, and it's THC tested at 23%, which is very high for this strain. Let's start with its strong points: the smell is amazing. It has a very complex berry smell that makes me want to duct tape my face to the jar. If you buy cannabis for smell alone, run to the store and buy an ounce. The taste from vaporized flower is so-so. I was not as impressed as I was with the smell. There is some sweetness, but not much. Certainly not much to brag about. The effects were the weakest point. I felt sedated, but in no way euphoric. Mellow, but not happy might work for some, but when sampling a two time Cannabis Cup winner, I expect to be steam rolled. That's not to say that this flower isn't without medicinal value. If you like a nice, mellow, functional high without couch-lock this might be for you. My tolerance isn't very high, so if you're looking for fireworks, try something less expensive. I can understand the hype for the concentrated form of Zkittlez as I squished my buds for rosin when they failed to perform as flowers. Now that was something special. The taste was really pronounced and the sedate high became blissfully calming. Don't plan on leaving the house if you buy extracted Zkittlez. This is just speculation, but it seems like 3rd Generation Family, Terp Hogs or whoever developed this wanted it to be as big as Girl Scout Cookies. It's very hard to find in flower form and you can pay as much as $100 a gram for ice hash. It's all very hush, hush, and I hear that there are a lot of fake Zkittlez floating around. Sound familiar?

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