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“I like TGS, but I'm NOT a fan of the lines or the prices, usually. This was the first rec dispensary I ever set foot in and I used to go here exclusively. Then I found other places that are smaller, but have awesome product and much lower prices. Plus I didn't have to wait in line for up to an hour to get taken care of. You generally won't be disappointed with the quality here, but the prices are high and the line is seriously off-putting.”

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“I've written a review for this place before and it was a good one, however since I wrote that review everything has gone DOWN hill for this place for me. I left today saying I will never go back and I mean it. first of all the lady who was helping me was too high to function, every time I asked her about a strain she didn't know the answer and would giggle. I asked her for a uplifted happy sativa bud and she recommended jah kush ( which is a heavy couch lock indica). I know my strains pretty well and I obviously didn't take her recommendation. the other thing I hate about this place is get some strains that are on leafly!!! I hate it when I go somewhere and no one is knowlegable and I can't look up a strain to see what it does. I'm not snobby about indica's or Sativa's normally but sometimes, like today, I'm looking for something specific. Also she refused to take my stink bag because it wasnt one of the newer black bag type, i only have the white sealable stink bags that work just fine EVERYWHERE ELSE!!I will NEVER return to this place ever again”

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