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The Green Solution Northglenn

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“THIS LOCATION: I am a medical member who used TGS for my caregiver for about two years. The Northglenn location is THE WORST TGS location I have ever been to...and I've been there about a dozen times. The prices are always more than any other location...member discounts are virtually nonexistent. The lines are always long, with at least a 20 minute wait being a regular occurrence (even if you preorder). The greeter is a nice guy, but it still gives you the feeling of being in Walmart when you're in the store to have someone greet you every time you come in the door. I'm not a "social" person, so I don't really want to chat and stand awkwardly next to some employee while I wait in a line. The last time I made the mistake of visiting this location, I did so because I was able to preorder an ounce of Sour Diesel. When I arrived, I was handed half an ounce of SD and half an ounce of Critical Mass...not even close to a fair trade. I asked the CSR if he could see my phone number on the ticket, he confirmed, and I asked why I hadn't been contacted about the discrepancy. The CSR acted flustered and as though he was too busy to give me his undivided attention. I demanded to talk to the mgr, saying the only substitution I'd accept was Cindy White for the same price as the ounce I reserved. I was told to get in the back of the line again (about six people by then) while they waited for the mgr to get time to bother with me. I watched every person in line in front of me have their orders given to them wrong and need to be fixed...every person. When I finally made it to the front of the line again, the mgr was not there and had to be requested. I told them I wouldn't wait anymore, so the mgr was actually called over at that time. I demanded they give me the half ounce for the discounted ounce price and relayed my disappointment with their customer service to deaf supervisory ears. When I got home, I discovered the half ounce I paid for was actually small flowers in jars labeled regular least I didn't have to pay full price for them, I suppose. I will NEVER return to this location and I am no longer using TGS as my caregiver...Go to another dispensary if you want good buds for respectable Denver prices. Not all of their buds are top shelf like TGS, but most of them are as good as TGS's buds...and at least you can pick them yourself and pay $140-160/oz instead of the $200-250/oz at TGS. TGS IN GENERAL: I will never claim TGS doesn't have bomb buds...they have very skilled cultivators, but not enough to charge the prices they do...part of being with this "green" movement is not running your dispensary like Walmart runs its stores...corporatizing just turns off customers. Also, the "green" solution is not really green at all. On average, after purchasing 1 oz, I would have 10-16 plastic jars that would have to be thrown away after I consolidated the same strain into one jar. It's horrible for the environment to create that much non-biodegradable waste just to get a little bit of a plant. On another note, I gave them my 24 plants and requested on the form (where it gives you the option) for them to grow Sour Diesel for me. This has been the biggest issue for me, aside from awful customer service. I am LUCKY if I can find SD at any of their locations and it's up to me to select each individual store to see if it's in stock. Most of the time, if I DO find it in stock, I have to call to reserve any because they website will continually tell me it's "out of stock" even if I only try to get 1 16th. Store clerks tell me it's anywhere from 3-5 jars in a given size that are in stock if they show up on the website. That's almost never the case when I try to buy SD. The website/mobile app lets you assign your wishlist and this was on my wishlist. But, what is the point in having a wishlist if you never get "first dibs" at the plants you requested from your dispensary? I have NEVER been notified when anything on my wishlist is in stock. Also, recently, the website/mobile app was renovated so none of the stores are denoted with "medical" you have to remember which locations are to place preorders through the site. Unlike before, I can't even place preorders at rec stores unless I can remember it's a rec store, I get disappointed when I try to fill my cart. Another issue....I have purchased a half an ounce of Twista before and got home only to discover it was half an ounce of Chunky Diesel...that bud's not even on my top 20 list, but Twista was in my top 5. No rectification was ever made by TGS to make that right, even after contacting them and taking the buds to show them they weren't right. I was just told "Sorry" and "Thanks for letting us know so we can fix our inventory". When I got my med card renewed this past year, I took my temp card into TGS. They made copies and gave me back my forms without the green postage slip that really proves your temp card is valid. I didn't notice until I returned the next time and they wouldn't take my temp paperwork at the same location they accepted it from before. The mgr admitted to seeing one floating around about two weeks before and having thrown it away...well thanks guys. They allowed me to purchase that one time, but I had to wait until my actual card arrived (about a month later) before I could purchase again. I have recommended TGS to many people, but I can only do that anymore unless I add the qualifier "if you want to be treated poorly, hope you get the buds you paid for, and overpay for good buds". On an individual level, most of their CSR's are very friendly and great people. But, you can't ever shake the feeling you're just a number to them and that they're always just too busy to give you real quality customer service.”

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“Best product around. I like interacting with people in the line which is there because people know this is the place. Although I can now order online. The Green Solution is a terrific example of the future of Rec MJ.”

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