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About this product

This DAVINCI MIQRO in purple will surely fit your lifestyle! 33% smaller than its predecessor and with a fully functional adjustable oven, this small vaporizer is sleek and simple!

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I’ve been looking for a tiny vaporizer I even thought of suggesting one to vaporizer manufacturers because it’s a great idea. I never knew it already existed. Haha the first time I saw the DaVinci Miqro vaporizer, I purchased it right away. I got the the amethyst because personally I think it’s the prettiest. Not only was it small (for the purpose of sneaky micro tokes) it’s really quite sophisticatedly complex too — with controls and different modes. It took me a while to learn how to use all the options but once I got the hang of it, it was great. The coolest thing about the Miqro is that you can take it apart to clean it. Well, at least the parts that get dirty the easiest. It gives a solid hit too! Like once you are done puffing, you got all the good stuff out of how much you packed in. It’s really cool.


When I hang out with my friends we pass around a joint. That’s actually the right way, but I also like smoking by myself sometimes before ordering food to eat, in that case I don’t want to get too baked, but I also then if I smoke a small pipe load, or a one hitter, I don’t really get to taste the good flavor of the bud. I haven’t really thought about that until I tried using my roommate’s Davinci Miqro. This is way too perfect for those before munching, or even before taking a walk. The flavor is great with this thing. It’s like sucking out all the goodness out of the bud without the burn-y taste. I know that’s what vaporizers do but I get way too stoned after one. This Davinci Miqro buzzes me just the right way since I finally got my own in amethyst.


My old vaporizer broke so my girlfriend got me this DaVinci micro in amethyst just because she thought it looked cute lol. I was skeptical at first because of its “cuteness” it’s just smaller than what I’m used to. But anyway, I thought it’s cool, I can use this temporarily, no problem. But man, this miqro is hella good! The flavor is amazing, the hits are pretty hard for something this small. I just wished the battery lasts longer, but it’s cool because the bat is removable. I’m wondering if they’ll sell a separate battery for this coz I’m definitely buying extra. I guess I’ll be using this for a long time, I like this Miqro.

About this brand

DaVinci Vaporizer Logo
DAVINCI is a consumer technology company who believes in empowering the cannabis experience. Having set the bar in the vaporizer category since our first product release in 2011, DAVINCI continues in its path of innovation and its mission to become the heralded brand of choice among connoisseurs. Like our namesake, we see opportunity where others see impossibility. We are here to rethink vapor: to develop a vaporization experience that delivers unprecedented levels of purity and precision. This means more than superior craftsmanship, it means using the finest components and software that puts the control into your hands.