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About this product

With this DAVINCI MIQRO Explorers Collection - Graphite, you can get more out of your MIQRO with the additional accessories in it. Here is what's added to the box: MIQRO Glove - Stylish protection for your MIQRO Grinder Coin - Grind your herbs discreetly Carry Can XL- Safely carry your herbs Extra 18350 Battery - Uninterrupted vape sessions Carrying Case - Bring your MIQRO anywhere Explore the purest flavor in MIQRO steps!

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I got my DaVinci Miqro in the amethyst color and I think it really looks classy. It’s simple, not too flashy. Sure, the standard black looks sleek too but it’s just too hard to spot (especially for its size). And I like the idea of getting high off something classy-looking. I’m sure this vaporizer does a lot but I haven’t really paid attention yet to its different settings because I’m a bit lazy but I know I should. Looking forward to finding something really cool to do with its features. If this thing breaks anytime soon, I’m definitely buying the same model. I love the size.


I like small things: mini coopers, pugs, keychain cellphones, etc. and the last 3 vaporizers I’ve had, I though were small until I got my hands on this amethyst Da Vinci vaporizer. Next to it, my other vaporizers look chunky, I ended up selling and giving them away. This tiny vaporizer suits my liking so much. Yes, it’s tiny but gives a good punch. You get all of what you load in. It’s a very decent way of not wasting a good bud while not combusting any part of it. Some smaller ones have a burning taste but not this one. It’s super clean and flavorful.


This amethyst vaporizer is really high jinx. It’s not one of those heavy hitters but it gives you enough high for a good bike around the park. I think it’s best for solo hitting with nothing to waste which kinda helps me control my consumption. I like the indica strain but it knocks me out when I smoke a little too much. Thankfully, the miqro doesn’t do that. It also suits my living conditions as my landlady hates smoke. Whenever necessary I just hold it in long enough so no cloud comes out. And the flavor, oh man, is very delish!

About this brand

DaVinci Vaporizer Logo
DAVINCI is a consumer technology company who believes in empowering the cannabis experience. Having set the bar in the vaporizer category since our first product release in 2011, DAVINCI continues in its path of innovation and its mission to become the heralded brand of choice among connoisseurs. Like our namesake, we see opportunity where others see impossibility. We are here to rethink vapor: to develop a vaporization experience that delivers unprecedented levels of purity and precision. This means more than superior craftsmanship, it means using the finest components and software that puts the control into your hands.