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Cookies and Chem

by Sunshine Weed Co.

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Sunshine Weed Co. Cannabis Flower Cookies and Chem

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

About this brand

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About this strain

Chem Cookies

Chem Cookies
  1. Myrcene
  2. Limonene
  3. Caryophyllene

Chem Cookies is an indica-dominant marijuana strain made by crossing Chemdog #4 and GSC. Chem Cookies is cereberal and provides a euphoric high that will send your entire body into relaxation mode. Because this strain can make you feel extremely stoned, Chem cookies is ideal for experienced consumers with a high tolernace for THC. Chem Cookies has rich fuel flavors with notes of coffee and sweet plums. Growers say Chem Cookies produces beautiful and tightly packed buds with lime green and purple accents.

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Tue Aug 03 2021
Just hit the shit out of this just about 12 or 13 mins ago. I feel my body tingle and my head is nice and relaxed. My thoughts are more linear instead of it being like a bingo ball spinner (Bi-Polar I). My eyeballs feel really heavy, like steel balls but I'm not tired. I went into this sesh with an incredibly sore and hurt body because of a lot of heavy lifting and whatnot. I will say this CnC makes the pain more tolerable. It's there, but you forget about it. I was going to give it 4 but I have a high tolerance smoking 30ish-ish percent THC, so it deserves a 6 since it I'm getting a headier high since starting to write this. So, good shit! From an old head too...
Tue Apr 13 2021
This strain is perfect if you are suffering from nasty side effects from medications. I am on a heavy regime of medications and at times it feels impossible to settle my stomach when its tied in knots and I am doubled over vomiting. Very few strains are able to settle the stomach let alone do that AND get me to eat. I don't use marijuana specifically to eat either, I have severe depression, anxiety and suffer from severe chronic pain. It's so hard to find a strain that can make you eat, feel good, relaxed and sleepy. Cookies and Chem does all that very well. I always see it here where I live and it's always 29% and above. I wouldn't want to buy it below 29% (but if there wasn't something better, I still might!) This stuff is always around 30-32% out here where I live. Lastly, I probably wouldn't recommend this strain to people with little to no tolerance. Sure, you'll get blasted but you probably won't enjoy it and you might even freak out if your in the wrong environment and your tolerance is low. This stuff is not for the feint of heart and I'd hate for someone to get the wrong impression about weed. It's not LSD and not a party drug. It's medicine and should be respected and treated like that.
Thu Sep 17 2020
Insaaanely good high. Really gives you that "damn, I'm fucked up" feel. It makes me lose my balance a bit. It also made me horny as hell, to the point that I got off well enough to squirt for the first time. Damn good stuff, Sunshine!