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Smyth Cannabis Co.

I placed my first ever order from Smyth thru Leafly on a Friday around 6pm, so obviously the store was slammed with walk in customers, the line was nearly out the door! When I walked In and saw that the ordered ahead/pick up line was empty -I was overjoyed to say the least. A very nice employee stopped and asked to verify that I had placed an order already,(ppl be tryna sneak in the empty line) and the second I said Leafly-he said “say no more girl, you get your ass to the front of that line.” I loved that. I then picked up an eighth of Miracle Mints (which tested @ 41.15% TAC 😮‍💨) & Root Beer Slushie. Both strains were fucking incredible. I am incredibly picky, the type of person that you could refer to as a “weed snob”, as well I have trimmed medical & recreational bud for a few different local dispensaries. Whatever type of sorcery y’all are doing over there @ Smyth Cannabis to produce these beautiful, magic buds - keep on doing it. You guys are doing it more than right. Keep up the damn near perfect work! Big kudos to the grow team over there. 💯💯